We are proud to present the 2015 Annual Report, which captures how we have been working over the past year to improve the human condition through plant science. Some of the progress we report on these pages have had an immediate impact beyond the Danforth Center while other achievements will yield impactful outcomes in the years or even decades ahead. It is the creative, diligent work from our scientists and staff, and the remarkable support from our volunteers and donors, that resulted in a banner year!

With a productive year behind us, we are intently focused on what lies ahead, as 2016 will be pivotal for the Danforth Center. We implement the next phase of our expansion with opening of the William H. Danforth Wing, addition of new technology facilities that accelerate the pace of discovery, a redesign of the Danforth Center landscape through reconstructing a native tall-grass prairie, and hiring of the first wave of new principal investigators (PIs). As of early 2016, we have already recruited two exceptional scientists in Malia Gehan and Blake Meyers. Malia will start building a team to understand plant productivity in changing environments while Blake brings a large, productive program from the University of Delaware to study genetic and epigenetic regulation in plants.

We are thrilled to open and use the new laboratory, auditorium and innovation spaces afforded by the new William H. Danforth Wing. But please keep in mind that we built something more than a state-of-the-art laboratory facility; we created a place where discoveries will improve food security for hundreds of millions of people. We built more than a new auditorium for seminars and educational events; we created a place where the next-generation of scientists will be inspired to think bigger, and differently, to solve global challenges. And we built more than just working spaces for excellent scientists; we created an environment to spawn ideas that spark new companies to deliver a stronger, innovation-based economy.

I thank all who have joined us on a remarkable journey.
James C. Carrington
January 1, 2016