TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2018 9:30 A.M.

VERY IMPORTANT - Please read all the rules on the Monsanto Handout and PAY CAREFUL ATTENTION to the details provided.  Monsanto is strict with their policies, including what visitor's must wear and what can be carried into the tour.

9:30 AM: Meet in Danforth foyer, carpool to Monsanto Chesterfield Campus
10:05 AM: Arrival at building AA & check-in
10:15 AM Tour of Monsanto Chesterfield – Biotechnology
12:00 Return back to Danforth Center

Directions to Chesterfield Campus from Danforth Center
Exit Right onto LINDBERGH BLVD SOUTH (go 2.7 miles)
Exit Right onto I-64 West (got 8.2 miles)
Take exit 20 and turn right onto Chesterfield Parkway North
Go straight across Olive Blvd
Turn RIGHT at the MONSANTO sign
STOP at the Security Station and let the guard know you are there for a tour.
At the round-a-bout, take the first RIGHT
At the bottom of the hill (just after the parking garages), make the first LEFT (in front of the FF building).
The building at the end of this drive is AA.  Parking is located on your left or just before AA on the right.
Monsanto Website 

Monsanto is a leading provider of agricultural products and solutions. They use innovation in plant biotechnology, genomics and breeding to improve productivity and to reduce the costs of farming. They produce leading seed brands, including DEKALB and Asgrow and develop biotechnology traits that integrate insect control and weed control into the seed itself. They make Roundup, the worlds best-selling herbicide, and other herbicides, which can be combined with seeds and traits to offer farmers integrated solutions. Through Holdens/Corn States business, they also provide other seed companies with genetic material and biotechnology traits for their seed brands.