Intern Weekly Meeting: Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Time: 11:45-1:00 p.m.
Location: Theater
Lunch: Cafe - Place your orders by Noon on Tuesday, July 25, 2017 (see directions)

Today's Agenda

Administrative Business:
• Results section due today
  -G:\Summer Interns\Results Sections OR email to Shannon
  -Submit a "clean" version that has all track changes "accepted"
  -include project title, name, and all other previous sections


• Last week "To do" list
   -Do the apartments have a lockbox on the door?

• Update address in Paycom to receive tax forms
Symposium Practice-rooms reserved, sign up for slots (save & close the document!)

  -order of talks; confirm title/mentors with Shannon by next wednesday
  -Place presentations on G:\Summer Interns\Symposium presentation (mac/pc folders)
  -A/V needs: Mac, PC, own laptop-indicate on sheet

• Exit Survey Instructions-please complete by August 2, 2016
  -You will receive an email inviting you to complete the survey at http://cimerproject.org//#/surveyLogin/
  -Your email address is your user name
  The survey will be open from Wed July 26, 2017 to Wed, Aug 2, 2017

Final papers and presentations due by Friday, August 4, 2017.  
  -Please place on public drive G:\Summer Interns\Final Papers OR email to Shannon
• Internship program feedback discussion-next meeting

Today's speaker:
Dr. Andrea Eveland, Principal Investigator and Assistant Member