The Danforth Plant Science Center is committed to training and helping to guide the next generation of scientists. The Danforth Center’s Education and Outreach Program uses an integrated approach to elevate public interest in plant science and agriculture.

Programs provide opportunities for the public to increase their understanding of plant science and plant science research. Building bridges between the Center scientists and the public through education can forge new pathways needed to meet current challenges in food production, nutrition, global health and the changing environment.

Current Programs 

  • Professional development workshops for science educators;
  • School and classroom resources;
  • The design and development of new standard-based learning modules in plant biology, agriculture and biotechnology;
  • The development of engaging plant science multimedia; student mentoring and shadowing experiences;
  • Authentic lab research experiences in the classroom, and on a limited basis, in Danforth Center laboratories, for teachers and students alike; and
  • Information sharing through regional, state, national and international science and science education conferences, public events and fairs; and partnership building in science education at all levels for students and teachers, life-long learners and citizen scientists.


Terry Woodford-Thomas, Ph.D.
The Derick and Sally Driemeyer 
Director of Science Education and Outreach 

Danforth Center
975 N. Warson Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63132 
(314) 587-1436