Rebecca Bart, Ph.D.


Rebecca’s research will combine genetics with molecular and computational biology to learn about the mechanisms used by hosts and pathogens to recognize and respond to one another and the environment.


Becky conducted her doctoral research in the Plant Pathology Department at UC Davis, where she worked with Prof. Pamela Ronald to elucidate genetic components of the rice innate immune response. Becky then worked as a postdoctoral scholar in Prof. Brian Staskawicz's laboratory at UC Berkeley to further understand the molecular and genetic interaction between the important food crop, cassava, and its major bacterial pathogen.

  • Assistant Member, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center November 2013
  • NIFA postdoctoral Fellow, UC Berkeley
  • UC Davis, Ph.D. in Plant Pathology 2010
  • Reed College, Portland Oregon, B.A. in Biology in 2003

Research Team

Jeffrey Berry, Senior Laboratory Technician

Jillian Burke, Laboratory Technician

Diana Fasanello, Visiting Research Student

Sarah Fentress, Postdoctoral Associate

Molly Kuhs, Laboratory Assistant

Anne Phillips, Graduate Student

Kira Veley, Research Scientist

Anupama Vijayaraghava, Senior Laboratory Technician

Alex Weil, Laboratory Assistant

Mark Wilson, Computational Biology Technician

Lab Alumni

Andrew Mutka, Postdoctoral Associate

Laura Krings, 2016 REU Student

Amelia Hallworth, 2014 REU Student

Joel Sher, 2014 REU Student