2015 Scientific Highlights

  • Successfully demonstrated the use of precision genome engineering in Setaria viridis greatly accelerating our ability to determine the function of genes in a model system for bioenergy research.
  • Discovered conserved genes that regulate plant growth in response to daily and seasonal changes in the environment.
  • Initiated a DOE-funded project to study how sorghum plants respond to nitrogen and water stress and further, to identify microbes capable of protecting bio-energy sorghum from these stresses.
  • Successfully assembled the genome of the model bioenergy grass Setaria viridis in collaboration with scientists at DOE-JGI.
  • Performed one of the most detailed physiological characterizations of carbon transport in maize to date as a first step toward the engineering of improved photosynthetic efficiencies in bioenergy grasses.
  • Successfully leveraged genome editing technology to increase biomass in Setaria viridis.

Achievements by the numbers

  • Submitted 6 inventions disclosures of Bioenergy Technologies
  • Filed 3 Bioenergy provisional patent applications
  • Filed 3 International applications
  • Filed 3 U.S. non-provisional applications
  • Licensed 2 technologies to for-profit companies
  • 16 interns worked alongside 10 laboratories focused on next-generation bioenergy
  • Awarded 8 new grants/subawards expected to total $15,936,813 over the life of the awards  

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